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Reach your Target Consumer
@ a fraction of the cost of
Brand Ambassador sampling programs.


of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand after sampling it


Per Sample, All-in, including shipping, printing & post-event analytics 

- Sara Nasca, Head of Field Activation
Harmless Harvest

Attack! Can Help You
Take On Sampling


Venue-based sampling uses existing influential networks (gyms, doctor’s offices, spas, food-carts, vet offices) to get your products directly in the hands of their customers.  

We help you pick the right mix of networks for your product.  

Think about like this:

  • Kids snacks paired with pediatrician’s offices/schools/after-school programs

  • Good-For-You paired with gyms/cross-fit/yoga studios

  • Pet-centric Products paired with Vet’s offices & Pet Shelters 


All you need to do is provide the samples – shipped to our fulfillment center. 

Programs are priced @ ~$0.50/piece delivered, all-in!



Pick Your Ideal Venue Based Network(s)

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Bulk Ship Product To Our Fulfillment Center

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Approve Artwork.

We Do All Printing,

All Shipping,

All Design.

Venue-based sampling can be an effective strategy because it allows companies to zero in and sample to their core communities where they live, eat and relax.


Our superior service & reporting means it is incredibly simple to run these programs, including incorporated signage and couponing, AND each program comes with a detailed wrap report with photos, metrics and consumer quotes.  

Here are some key benefits of Venue & Network Based Sampling:

  • Increased Brand Exposure: With a focus on network-based introductions, more samples can reach more consumers than traditional brand ambassador or instore programs.  Each program provides superior visual presence within the venue, and provides the opportunity for couponing


  • Lower Cost: Our 100% opt-in venue-based sampling networks are thrilled to participate in these programs.  Without the need to hire brand ambassadors, or provide expensive promotional elements like tables, table cloths, t-shirts, booths, etc., the cost to activate a venue-based sampling program is many times cheaper per consumer sampled than other field marketing initiatives. 

  • Highly Target by Region & Lifestyle: Target and reaching your core consumer can be tricky.  Street team sampling is limited in its ability to target consumers.  In-store demos can do a better job as they are siloed with a retailer.  Event marketing can do a great job by targeting the right events, but those are expensive.  VBS programs target consumers based upon the specific networks you target, and you can target more than 1 in a single program.  Imagine your kid product being at a pediatrician's office, as well as an after-school program.  Or your snack or beverage tapping into consumers at yoga studios, cross-fit and Pilates studios.  Now, let's make all of those within 2-3 miles of the nearest Whole Foods.  You can do that with venue-based sampling

  • Referral Based Sampling: With a 100% Opt-in network model, each venue is excited about showcasing your samples at their business.  Each venue is provided a training doc on your product.  They will be prepared to answer questions that consumers may have.  They will be recommending YOUR PRODUCT to their customers/patients/etc.  

  • Data-driven insights:  Each Venue-Based Sampling program includes a comprehensive wrap report.  Based upon data received by each participating venue, you will receive data regarding your product, awareness, taste, likelihood of purchase, as well as photos, and actual quotes from consumers.  For this reason VBS programs are a great way to do product testing or to learn about consumer sentiment in new or emerging markets.  

  • Year Round Sampling Opportunities:  Unlike traditional field marketing programs which are dependent on good weather, sunshine and warm temps, Venue-Based Sample programs can be operated throughout the year.  This can be especially valuable when wanting to target traditional regions in the United States that have particularly bad weather during the Fall/Winter portions of the year.  Have a product that is holiday based, venue-based sampling is perfect for it.  Want to target the New-Year, New-You community, VBS has you covered.  

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