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When executed correctly retail demo programs work. The key to In-Store success comes down to three areas that Attack! has built its reputation on Quality of Staff, Incentives to Perform and Measurement and Results



In-store sampling programs are aimed to engage consumers with product trial through fun, memorable experience. But we understand the ultimate goal is about increasing sales and creating a loyalty to your brand. It is for this reason that Attack! has built and utilizes tracking technology on every program that allows you to track engagement, trial and sales efforts against your ultimate goals. We’re built from the ground up to produce return for our clients and have the powerful technology that allows us to track it in real time.

Retail & In-Store



Roadshows, Retail Consumer Education, Sampling / Demo Booths


New Customer Acquisition, Assisted Selling, Sampling Programs


Field Workforce Management and Sampling Ambassadors


National & Regional Retail In-Store Demo Experiences


Inventory Tracking, Fulfillment & Collateral Services


Real-Time Field Reporting and KPI Analysis

Retail In-Store

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How We Maximize In-Store Events

Thoughtful  Recruiting

Yeah, we’re picky with who we place on every event (Sorry, not sorry). The first thing that will draw a consumer to a retail experience is the the human element, so we’ve built deep methodology and tech around placing the perfect Brand Rep on every in-store demo. Personifying the brand is an absolute must every time!

Comprehensive Team Training

The next time you visit an in-store demo, pay attention to the enthusiasm and detail being provided by the staff. Do they genuinely care about the brand they are promoting? Is there communication helpful and informative? Attack! field staff undergoes fun, comprehensive training protocol that has them excited and ready to inform/engage your customers!

High Yield Consumer Experiences 

Retail experiences are about initiating trial, but they go so much deeper than that. Your new customers need to walk away from the booth with not just a sample consumed, but an understanding of how your brand will benefit them (and preferable a smile on their face!)

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