Marketing Tours

65% of brands say that their event and experiential programs
are directly related to sales.

70% of users become regular customers after an experiential
marketing event.
When executed correctly retail demo programs work. The key to In-Store success comes down to three areas that Attack! has built its reputation on Quality of Staff, Incentives to Perform and Measurement and Results



Mobile Tours are incredibly effective in introducing a brand to a new consumer, and even increasing brand loyalty with an existing user.  Bringing captivating brand experiences to the target locations of where your customers live, play, shop and work is proven to convert quicker!  Attack! has been a leading provider of Mobile Tour Experiences for nearly 20 years for three main reasons: We’re All-Inclusive, we’re Creative and we understand the intricacies of Tour management and logistics.

Mobile Marketing

Our Capabilities


Tour Vehicle and Program Procurement & Management


Full-service ideation & strategy – Mobile Environment & Consumer Experience


Field Workforce Management – Tour Staff, Brand Ambassadors, Street Teams


New Customer Acquisition, Assisted Selling, Sampling Programs


College Tours, Sampling Vehicles, Kiosks, Pop-Up Shops


Inventory Tracking, Fulfillment & Collateral Services


Real Time Tour Reporting & Inventory Updates


Marketing Tours


Our roots are seeped in production and execution, but over the past decade Attack! have evolved as a
top-down leader in the creation of the mobile consumer experience.  On the front end, we deliver creative, innovative ideas and trackable strategies based on your brand’s specific needs, goals and milestones.  Our in-house teams work in-step with yours to make sure no detail is skipped and we are building/delivering an experience
at every step that match
es your goals and vision.


Sure, we’re marketers, but at our core we are consumers who LOVE engaging with brands in playful, memorable ways. Attack! prides itself with a seasoned creative team who delivers mobile marketing tours that drive positive consumer sentiment and trackable results! We deliver memorable, award winning tour experience that will leave a lasting impression on your consumer!


From the moment a client engages with Attack! they will be provided with production calendars, specific points of contacts and a clear path to all deliverables and deadlines during the onboarding process.  From Ideation drop dates, to program vehicle and material procurement, to staff recruiting and training to campaign LAUNCH!, we strive to be ultra communicative and a step ahead.

Mobile Marketing

Success Stories

Technology We Use To Maximize Events

Microsite Job Applications

Every workforce need is different, so we understand there is not a “one-size-fits-all” application for potential staff.  We pride oursleves in creating opportunity-specific microsite job applications on every event.  This allows Attack! to “push out” relevant information on the company, needs and project duration to staff and then “pull in” specific criteria around experience, availability and interest.

Reporting and Results

Tours are aimed to engage your future consumers through product trial and fun, memorable experience. But we understand the ultimate goal is about increasing sales and creating a loyalty to your brand.  It is for this reason that Attack! has built and utilizes tracking technology on every program that allows to track our engagement, trial and sales efforts against your ultimate goals. We’re built from the ground up to produce return for our clients and have the powerful technology that allows us to track it in real time.


and Inventory

Our client platform was built to get real time updates from field staff on tour supply inventory, out/inbound shipping updates, vehicle information and information around every logistical element of your tour. It is a system designed to gather data and stay ahead of any potential challenges that can (and will) occur on the tour.

Workforce Managment

Once workforces are deployed your dedicated Attack! account team will help to oversee the day-to-day communication and quality control with both contractors and clients. A full suite of contingency planning readily available to address any changes or last minute needs.

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