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Health And Wellness Brands Choosing the Right Marketing Partner

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

With the Health & Wellness industry growing at such a rapid pace, retailers are experiencing an overwhelming demand for products that compliment healthy lifestyles. With an influx of fresh brands stepping into the H&W arena, new and existing companies are experiencing a market growing more competitive each day.

As your company moves to market your H&W product, the best way to ensure you stand out from the crowd is by partnering with the right marketing agency. But how do you choose a marketing partner? What qualities and experience should they possess, and what do you need to look for? Attack’s New Business Accelerator, Angela Dale, weighs in on the answers.

1. To position yourself as a top brand in new markets, it’s imperative to partner with an agency that specializes in your field.

Health & Wellness depends on more than basic product positioning – it is the embodiment of a lifestyle. As an emerging brand, your agency partner must understand this distinction. This key to a rewarding partnership is the difference between success and failure, and is often an undermined quality. All too many brands have experienced a lack of alignment that ends up costing them. Whether it be unqualified Brand Ambassadors representing your brand, or confounding information around your target market, don’t let it happen to you. Request case studies, references, and proof of success within your field before you sign your next contract.

2. Partner with an agency that will deliver you key insights on your campaign.

As you grow out your marketing and expand into new territories, finding your leading markets and core demographic is crucial to brand prosperity. General vanity metrics and self-reported data are offered by a host of agencies, but drilling down within that data to find on-site sales trends is often left to the brand.  This typically creates a massive administrative burden, and similarly sized headache. Your guess on the success of your campaign is as good as your clueless partner.

Because H&W products are often considered a way of life and culture staple, an integral part of your campaign is honing in on your audience. You need an agency that can show you where your product is picking up, and where to pull your presence from the shelves. Don’t be left behind in the midst of unreliable data – make sure your agency is as committed to growth as you are.

3. YOU need to be in control of your campaign.

With too many marketing relationships, H&W brands hand off their major objective to an agency, only to find that their launch did not produce the sales/impressions that they had hoped for. Why? Because no one knows your brand like you do. That’s why you need an agency that puts you in control, by maintaining a partnership attitude. From optimized training to event check in you need alerts and flexibility to remain captain of your ship. When you have control, you’re able to manage your brand success with the same scale as you would an in-house event. Don’t let any agency take away your unique traits to fit them into their typical marketing model – It’s up to you to ensure that your marketing partner is there to highlight all the things that make your brand unique, quirky, and ultimately exclusive to the H&W sphere.



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