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The majority of event marketers (63%) plan on investing more in live events in the future both in budget and number of events.
When executed correctly retail demo programs work. The key to In-Store success comes down to three areas that Attack! has built its reputation on Quality of Staff, Incentives to Perform and Measurement and Results



Look, we agree – Live events drive interaction, build real loyalty-driven relationships and ultimately, boost sales.  Regardless of the event, be it a tradeshow, a corporate meeting or company event – all of these require experienced management and staff at their center. The importance of flawless execution and support at their core. Pulling of a single or multi-day event requiring tens or hundreds of support people, moving parts and itineraries is a colossal effort. The majority of marketers (80%) believe live events are critical to their company’s success. 95% of marketers agree that live events provide attendees with a valuable opportunity to form in-person connections in an increasingly digital world. An overwhelming majority of C-Suite executives (87%) believe in the power of live events and plan on investing in them more in the future.

Tradeshow & 


110,000+ Screened and Active Corporate Event Reps across the U.S. / Canada


Program Strategy, Development, Execution and Reporting


Experienced In-House Field Workforce Management Teams


Greeters, Emcees, Booth Staff, Brand Ambassadors, Hosts/Hostesses, Labor, Security


Inventory Tracking, Fulfillment & Collateral Services


Real Time Tour Reporting & Inventory Updates

Tradeshow &

Corporate Events

B2B & B2C

Attack not only interviews and places staff with deep corporate event experience, but also reps that look and act like your brand. Knowledge & affinity for your brand is what ultimately creates authenticity that your attendees will feel and respond favorably to.  So how do we find these individuals? With 20 years in the industry and a talent network of over 110,000 active brand reps, we pair our client’s brands to the best tradeshow staff and corporate experts with speed, quality and precision.


From the get go, Attack! Corporate event staff are recruited based upon their knowledge of the event type and their feel for the brand.  We show them exactly how they can
succeed and get greater compensation as a result.  The
net net our staff are incentivized to provide results and bring their best performance every time.


Sampling programs are aimed to engage consumers with conversation, guidance and product trial all of which will create fun, memorable experiences for your attendees. But we understand the ultimate goal is about tracking interactions, collecting information and opening up sales.  It is for this reason that Attack! has built and utilizes tracking technology on every program that allows to track our engagement, trial and sales efforts against your ultimate goals. We’re built from the ground up to produce return for our clients and have the powerful technology that allows us to track it in real time.

Technology We Use To Maximize Events

Instant Reporting

Every Attack! Field Rep is equipped with a mobile-friendly event recap app.  Reporting and results are submitted on-site in real time giving you an immediate snapshot of talent performance and event return.


Success Stories

Conversion & KPIs

Measure event conversion rates from interaction to trial to purchase. Track as you go through redemption, downloads, or self, reported data all working towards your program goals.

Staff GPS Check-In

Permission-based location services app that provides full transparency of when/where staff arrives on the event site.  Developed for team visibility and field talent accountability.

Activation Calendars

Full visibility calendar and event details layout of when and where your field teams are activating; including a full suite of KPI and expected performance metrics.

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