Alcohol and Beverage

FACT: 74% of consumers that engage with a brand in a live experience say they are more likely to buy the products being promoted.
FACT: Properly structured incentive programs can increase employee performance by as much as 44%.



Attack! alcohol and beverage marketing programs combine our on and off-premise industry expertise with in-house marketing research, distributor data analysis, and business intelligence tools to measure and improve your campaigns. We’re laser-focused on creating customized, effective, and memorable experiential signature events; managed bar nights; and retail sampling with your goals in mind. Additionally, our passion for ongoing program measurement and optimization through dashboard analysis and data integration drives your brand growth and maximizes marketing spends.

Alcohol &
Beverage Capabilities

Experiential Concepts

Innovative liquid to lips consumer experiences in all trade channels

On-Premise Activations

Staff education, bartender loyalty, and consumer engagements

Off-Premise Sampling

Targeted tastings that drive conversions
and velocity

New Market Entry

Product launch marketing developed in collaboration with our clients


Identifying staff criteria to create the ideal brand ambassador

  • Alcohol
  • National Tasting Tours
  • Product
  • Millennial Driven Experiences
  • Managed Bar Nights
  • Data
  • Signature Events
  • Non-Premise Events
  • Retail
  • Premium Production & Fulfillment

Alcohol & Beverage

Success Stories

Activation Summary

A lot can happen during a single activation. We break through the data clutter to give you a clean aggregate view of only what’s important to you.

Conversion & KPIs

Measure event conversion rates from interaction to trial to purchase. Track as you go through redemption, downloads, or self, reported data all working towards your program goals.

Consumer Insights

The consumer narrative oftentimes gives us insight into what field data cannot. Attack! represents the voice of the consumer through feedback, recommendations and comment tables on
your reporting site.

Technology We Use To Maximize Events

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