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FinTech Companies Are Accelerating Growth With Experiential Marketing

Reaching a range of customers that span a wide variety of age groups and genders can be challenging for financial technology, or fintech, companies. Fintech companies seek to create ways for technology to make money management and related activities more streamlined, relevant and fun for consumers than they typically are accustomed to.

Fintech marketing has proven challenging for many over the years because it has to reach a broad range of consumers and show benefits to a large swath of demographics. From teenagers trying to manage their first paycheck to retired professionals with significant financial assets, everyone can benefit from using fintech. But first, fintech marketing must reach and educate them. Engaging such a wide range of people through traditional marketing methods can be difficult, which is why experiential marketing techniques are so helpful.

Experiential marketing helps the user understand the value of new technology and fintech trends. Instead of only telling the user how the latest fintech trends can benefit them and make life easier for them, an experiential marketing agency is often times engaged to find ways to show and demonstrate the experience of actually using the technology first hand.

Some ideas and techniques that fintech marketing can take from a typical experiential marketing agency might include:

Connecting With Consumers Where They Spend Time

Social media platforms are popular with people of every age and gender, so creating a presence for your brand on these platforms is vital to help you stand out from competitors. You can use these channels to deploy live marketing campaigns, promote new content you publish, advertise upcoming sales and offers, weigh in on fintech trends in the news, and connect with existing customers to get valuable feedback.

Establishing Who You Are and What You Stand For

To help attract fans and followers, your brand must project a clear image and message about who you are and what makes your offerings stand out. The content you produce will help potential clients understand your brand and distinguish you from others. Incorporate your company’s values into your live marketing efforts to help keep your brand’s voice consistent.

Incorporating Feedback Often and Quickly

Feedback will come in the form of emails, responses to your social media posts, and reviews from current customers. You can use this feedback to make changes and improve on your existing campaigns. Be sure that you respond to messages and reviews, even the critical ones, with a helpful and professional tone. These interactions reflect on your entire organization, so it’s important to handle them quickly to prevent them from getting out of hand.

If your fintech company needs help with experiential marketing, Attack Marketing can help. Our experiential marketing agency can help you reach valuable consumers from every demographic.

Meta - FinTech companies are utilizing experiential marketing to connect with customers in a more engaging level. Find out how.



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