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How Brands are Incorporating Entertainment Marketing into their Growth Strategy

When most people think of marketing, they usually picture an ad for the newest iPhone or laundry detergent. However, there are a lot of other products out there that need marketing just as much as traditional consumer goods.

So, how do they go about marketing their product to a customer?

The practice of generating interest, and hopefully sales, for an entertainment event like a movie release, theme park opening, or TV show finale is known as entertainment marketing. Curious how some well-known brands have employed entertainment strategy to market their product and drive their growth? Read on to find out how some of your favorite brands do it so well.

Celebrity Influencer Marketing

One of the biggest launches for Disney in recent years has been the introduction of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at their theme parks in both Florida and California. And if you feel like you’ve been seeing a lot of celebrity marketing campaigns supporting it, you’re right on the money.

Between a two-hour television special hosted by Neil Patrick Harris and several commercials showing the likes of Kaley Cuoco, Jay Leno, and Sarah Hyland enjoying the new attractions, Disney has gone all out to show that everyone is visiting the new planet of Batuu.

Trade Show Marketing

What better way to draw visitors to a trade show than by giving them a sneak peek at what’s to come in that respective industry?

Comic-Con, one of the world’s most popular fan conventions, hits the nail on the head with the trade show marketing technique by laying out the future of ultra-popular franchises like the Avengers and Spiderman. Panels where customers can interact with filmmakers, producers, and even the actors, are just as much of a strategy of trade show marketing as it is a benefit for the fans.

Brand Integration

Brand integration, not to be confused with its more subtle cousin, product placement, is the strategy of integrating a product directly into the plot of a commercial, TV show, or other entertainment venture. You could consider this a little bit of marketing inception - where a show like Game of Thrones chose to advertise its final season, alongside Bud Light, in a commercial during one of the largest entertainment events in the world, the Super Bowl.

By partnering with another well-known brand, even one that didn’t seem at all related to it, Game of Thrones was able to drum up excitement for the show while also generating exposure for its brand partner, Bud Light.

While entertainment marketing isn’t necessarily the first thing you think of concerning marketing, it’s a strategy that many brands are exploring. Whether it be for the finale of a television show, the opening of a new attraction, or any number of other amusement-based initiatives, entertainment strategy is undoubtedly a massive pillar to to their success.

Meta - Entertainment marketing goes beyond influencer marketing. See how brands are incorporating it into their growth strategy.



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