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Field Marketing Bullseye Retail Demo

1.  Retail/retailer is the middle of the bullseye -  All field marketing is designed to drive an existing or newly converted consumer to become a customer.  Therefore, through physical activations (the lower half of he target), or through digital activations (upper half), the consumer is introduced, and then driven toward purchases.  

2.  Vicinity/Friction - All consumer & customer interactions are design to move the consumer through the sales & decision-making funnel.  Field marketing done not within vicinity of participating retailers creates unnecessary friction which can impact the overall performance/ROI of that program.  eCom, and QR Code adoption has lessened friction, thereby decreasing the need to be within vicinity of retail.

3. Activation, Style, and Length of Conversation - Ask yourself how long you need to present your product and what your goals are with your consumer in real life. The answer to that question helps you understand where and how to utilize the Field Marketing Bullseye. (i.e. An easy to understand brand can do well with consumer or street team sampling. A nuanced brand may do better at events where your conversation can be longer.)


Effective product sampling programs increase trial and speed up the sales cycle between a brand and consumer. Driving trial @ retail shows retailers you are committed to your product's success. 74% of consumers say they are more likely to buy a product having sampled it. We’re built from the ground up to produce return for our clients and have the powerful technology that allows us to track in real time.



+ National Network of Natural Products, CPG & Spirits Reps

+ Conventional, Natural & Independent Retailers



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