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National In-Store Retail Demo Partner







Boxed Water's provided direct to consumers

Incentive program boosted sales across the board

Attack! Boxed Water


  • Provide national in-store & event sampling for the brand as it rapidly expanded across the country. 

  • Work with sales so they had a one-stop shop for making field marketing requests, both for field marketing events as well as retail sampling.

  • Highlight why Boxed Water is Better (sustainability).


  • Created a single-entry event & demo request system for Boxed Water sales & marketing team members to request event/demo support nationally.

  • Created a national infrastructure of Field Market Managers, Event & Demo Specialists highly trained on Boxed Water culture & product knowledge.

  • Developed a training curriculum & demo program where Event & Demo Specialists encouraged passers by into a discussion about the sustainability of the product, and how their purchase can make a substantial difference.

  • Engage customer conversion through conversations about how simple choices can help reduce customers’ carbon footprint, as well as reminding them of Boxed's pledge to protect the environment.

The Success

Just Keeps Going

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