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Added Los Angeles, Miami, New York & more

Entire team was bought out and brought internally within Nestle organization

Attack! Nesquik

Product Sampling


  • Reintroduced the Nesquik brand and its milk products to adult consumers in SF Bay Area.

  • Showed the impact of experiential marketing against all other marketing/media options by using ideas like street teams and offering event staffing jobs.

  • Helped the brand develop a
    viral presence by using brand awareness techniques.


  • Yearlong campaign with hundreds of Nesquik sampling events executing simultaneously across SF Bay Area.

  • Utilized the Nesquik bunny, and a branded vehicle, in conjunction with a 6-day/wk city team for a 1-year long ‘test’.

  • Interactive games, competitions, sweepstakes events to drive social shares and consumer engagement.

  • Strategic large-scale guerrilla PR stunts including a paparazzi flash mob during Oscar season.

The Success

Just Keeps Going

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