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Local Lyft markets now utilize the tool designed, built and managed by Attack!

Brand ambassadors and 25,000 hours flow through the system on an annualized basis

In Year 1 the new system created initial efficiencies through automation and improved process


  • Give each of Lyfts over 100 local markets the ability to request and staff their local events via a
    central booking tool.

  • Shift from an internal 1099 model to a 3rd party W2 staffing model,
    while still giving Local Markets full authority to independently staff
    their corporate events.

  • We provide local markets with access to new event staffing options via
    our internal promotional model agency marketplace.


  • Attack! built a full autonomy cloud-based middleware tool capable of handling the hundreds of individual event staffing requests from the more than 100 Lyft Local Markets.
    The tool connects local markets to local resources, tracks and approve work hours,
    and handles all payroll.

  • Build a tool and process where Lyft could transition all current field marketing resources
    to W2 status, in real time.

  • Transitioned all Lyft local event marketing staff and brand ambassadors from 1099 to W2 status, governed by an automated onboarding,
    staffing, and pay system.

The Success

Just Keeps Going

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