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Faces were painted at
the events

Rally rags were distributed

Fan photos were shared to social media

Attack! Nike

Unleashed Speed


  • Create an unforgettable experience for U of O fans that highlighted Nike's love of the school and the unique bond between the brand and the University's fans.

  • Create an interactive event marketing experience for University of Oregon football fans.

  • Promote Nike’s link to the University of Oregon.


  • Attack! created an Oregon-branded football obstacle course (tunnel, football toss, hurdles, etc.) that attendees experienced wearing the new Nike Trainer shoes.

  • Branded premium items such as rally towels and t-shirts were distributed to participants to celebrate the event.

  • Professional photos were captured at
    the end of the course available to be
    shared on social networks.

  • A live DJ and the Oregon Duck mascot and cheerleaders drove engagement
    and supported fans.

The Success

Just Keeps Going

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