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"The Attack! team is amazing!  Together, we have built street team sampling programs and executed national retail demo programs.  Their team is top notch with incredible attention to detail and a passion for sampling!"
Harmless Harvest
Sara Nasca
Head of Field Marketing

After working with Attack! since 2019, Harmless Harvest was ready to take to the streets in 2022, and Attack! helped them do just that. With their eyes on events and countless street teams, Harmless Harvest was able to activate 1,500 demos all while creating some amazing memories!

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Between attending marathons and events for Pride, to holiday events like 4th of July and Halloween, and so much more, Harmless Harvest was able to get into the hands of new consumers, while giving them the opportunity to create lasting impressions. 

While these events were taking place and our brand ambassadors were out in the field, Attack! was also on the backend managing all logistics, inventory management, fulfillment, staffing, training & metrics. When combining all of our capabilities, we were able to help Harmless Harvest generate a YOY 20%+ same store sales - WOW!

why is field marketing important?

Field marketing helps to increase brand awareness by reaching out to potential customers in-person. By having a physical presence in the field, brands can interact with customers and build relationships, which can help increase customer loyalty and advocacy. This is where we come in! 

This method of marketing provides an opportunity for brands to communicate with customers on a more personal level. By engaging with customers face-to-face, brands can build relationships and create a more personalized experience for customers.

Each program is different, and highly personalized to each brands needs and goals.  What makes each program unique and special is the front-end consultation and ideation process where these goals, strategies and wow factors are aligned to build the very best consumer experience.  We seek innovative brands eager to connect with new consumers.  Our experience is varied, but the attention to detail and joy created through our field marketing programs is uniform.  We would love to build something for your brand.

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The importance of flawless execution and support are at their core. Pulling off a single or multi-day event requiring tens or hundreds of support people, moving parts and itineraries is a colossal effort. Our experience makes the job easier!



Experience, Infrastructure, and Imagination. We know that an effective experiential marketing program needs to be immersive, sensory and unforgettable in all the right ways.


Effective product sampling programs increase trial and speed up the sales cycle between a brand and consumer.


We're built to produce returns real-time for our clients and have powerful technology that allows us to track it in real-time.

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