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The IKEA Catalog’s Virtual Experience

Consumer Augmented Reality Experiences

The decline of print newspapers and magazines is no surprise, in fact, it is very very old news. Although some older, more established publications had a little extra time to transition over to digital, for most other publications, market share shifted drastically depending on how quickly and aggressively they transformed to cater to a more mobile demographic. However, this is still old news.

IKEA’s 2013 catalogue was ground-breaking news. Why? Augmented Reality.

IKEA’s catalogue was released along with an update for their mobile app, IKEA Catalog. The new catalogue will feature several pages and items (designated with a smartphone icon on the top right) where consumers will be able to experience furniture items and designs in a whole new light using augmented reality. Through the app, consumers can simply point their smartphone camera at a designated item and view videos, interact with 3D models, and enjoy additional styles and layouts.

IKEA’s update to the app was not commerce-enabled at time of release. Instead, IKEA hoped that combining their catalog with augmented reality will only enhance the experience and inspire their consumers. However, it seems reasonable to assume that IKEA will enable a commerce-enabled version, especially if they see a strong increase in mobile catalog usage.



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