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Street Team Staffing Will Make or Break Your Experiential Marketing Campaign

Advertising an event through experiential marketing campaigns is very effective. However, the campaign’s success depends mostly on the quality of the interactions between your staff and potential consumers.

The best way to ensure the success of your experiential marketing campaign is to build a highly-skilled street team that is capable of engaging consumers on a personal level. Here is a look at why street team staffing will make or break your experiential marketing campaign:

Personal Connections Drive Experience

The key to an effective experiential marketing campaign is making personal connections with consumers on the street. You want a team that is capable of creating a positive relationship almost instantly. The right staff members should have an outgoing personality and the ability to make connections with people almost without talking.

Staff with these talents will leave consumers with memorable experiences. So, even if they don’t seek out a product or service that you offer, they will remember your brand and have a warmer reaction to it on subsequent meetings.

Driven Team Members Produce Results

A street team is effective when they actively engage with people on the street. In most cases, a passive team will not be able to drive results. That is because most people will pass by a street team with minimal interaction.

You want to build a group of driven individuals who can also work in cohesion. When appropriately incentivized, they will try to interact with people in meaningful ways more often, which will drive results.

Well-Tempered Team Members Resist Negativity

When assembling your street team, you want to include well-tempered individuals. Working on a street team can be frustrating because of constant rejections from passerby.

If you staff your group with well-tempered team members, they will be able to handle these rejections and still maintain a positive and engaging attitude. These talents usually develop with age and experience, but you may find younger staff members who have the right temperament to be on the team.

Experienced Leaders Fix Problems

It is always a good idea to have a more experienced member on the team who can lead and fix problems when needed. Since street teams work in public places, many issues can arise. An experienced team member or leader can step in when there is a problem and find an effective solution. They could also help less experienced team members improve their performance and try new strategies based on how the campaign progresses.

If you are going to use street teams for experiential marketing campaigns, then put a lot of effort into planning and assembling your group. They will be your first and best chance to create a meaningful connection with consumers. If you plan correctly, you can see significant returns on your efforts.

Meta - Street teams improve your marketing, but how you staff your team makes a big difference. Here is how your street team effects experiential marketing campaigns.



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