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Mobile Marketing Tours: How to Get the Most Engagement

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Mobile marketing tours are a series of events that help you interact with your brand’s target demographic in an experiential manner. You can use them to increase brand recognition and engagement while educating customers about a new product or service. They are different from explicitly promotional tours because they provide customers with an experience instead of a sales-oriented demonstration.

Since mobile marketing tours are an investment, you should focus on getting maximum engagement and a high ROI for your marketing dollars. No one wants to spend money on a failed mobile marketing plan.

Here are some ways you can maximize engagement.

Identify Which Collateral Matters Most

It is important to identify the marketing collateral that matters most to your company’s particular demographic. The answer will differ from one company to the next. For instance, customers of a meal delivery service like recipes, cooking demonstrations, and samples. The target demographic for a video game launch would want to take pictures with their favorite characters and test out the game.

How to Provide an Immersive Branded Experience

Another key to maximizing engagement for trade show marketing is to provide an immersive, branded experience. As a result of participating in your mobile marketing tour, potential customers should recognize your brand, not just the types of products your company sells. For instance, distributing Oscar Mayer hot dogs from its iconic hot dog-shaped vehicle is a more memorable branded experience than selling hot dogs under a generic tent.

What to Look for in an Experiential Marketing Company

The most important attribute to look for in an experiential marketing company is a track record of engagement. It takes a lot of knowledge, experience, and personality to engage with potential customers on behalf of your brand. Even well-planned mobile marketing tours can fail if you choose the wrong staff.

Mobile marketing tours are an effective way to engage your customers. They’re an excellent choice for both new and established brands. Plus, you can customize them to match your budget and product.



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