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5 Tips to Extend Summer Sampling

Summer days drifting away? That doesn't mean your sampling efforts have to come to a chilly halt along with the weather. Taking advantage of end of summer events like Labor Day weekend, Back to School events, and so much more can help catapult your brand into an amazing fall and winter season. Brands like Nesquik, Poppi, Southern Comfort and more took the end of summer and fall season by storm last year to keep everyone's attention. Below is a short list we put together of ways to extend your summer sampling into the fall/winter seasons. Your target consumer is out there, waiting to be introduced to you. Here are a few ways to continue to reach them:

  1. Identify High-Traffic Locations: Research and identify high-traffic locations that remain active even after the summer season. This could include popular parks, beaches, outdoor events, or even in the nearby areas of a retailer you are selling your product at. For brands like Poppi, we targeted locations like the Hamptons and NYC to ensure a buzz-worthy and busy activation. By targeting these areas, you can continue to reach a large audience and generate buzz and social lift for your brand.

  2. Embrace Seasonal Themes: Tailor your sampling campaign to embrace seasonal themes that resonate with the transition from summer to fall - Make it memorable! Incorporate elements like back-to-school, fall flavors, or outdoor activities that are relevant to the post-summer period. This ensures that your campaign remains timely and appealing to your consumers (and makes for perfect photo ops!).

  3. Target Warm-Weather Cities: Identify and target warm-weather cities where summer-like conditions persist even after the official summer season has ended. Los Angeles, Miami, Austin - Locations like this are ideal for extending your summer field marketing campaigns. Florida is especially strong as the days are getting shorter in the north. Focus on areas with a vibrant outdoor culture and active lifestyles like beach towns, vacation destinations, or regions where the sun simply stays out a little bit longer. By strategically selecting these cities, you can continue to engage with consumers who are still enjoying outdoor activities while knowing they are still excited for summer-like experiences.

  4. Engage with Local Communities: Connect with local communities and organizations to explore partnership opportunities where you'd like to activate. Collaborate with schools, community centers, amateur sports leagues, and/or local businesses to host sampling events or sponsor activities! This allows you to extend your reach and tap into the community spirit for a much more personable approach.

  5. Activate a Mobile Marketing Tour: Consider launching a mobile marketing tour to extend your summer sampling efforts. A mobile tour allows you to bring your sampling experience directly to different locations, reaching a wider audience and generating buzz throughout the post-summer period. Strategically plan your tour route, targeting high-traffic areas, events, and festivals in warm-weather cities. With a well-designed mobile setup, you can create an interactive and memorable experience, engage with consumers, and build brand awareness beyond the summer season. The mobility of the tour enables you to adapt to changing consumer behavior and capture attention in various locations, maximizing your sampling campaign's reach and impact.

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marketing technique can elevate your brand's marketing efforts this year!

By implementing these tips, and with a little help from the experts (for over 20 years!), you can excel at extending your summer sampling programs, maintain momentum and capture the attention of consumers even while the season transitions. Just because the sun is hiding, doesn't mean your brand needs to, too!



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