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Experiential Marketing Tips: The BEST 60-Second Experiential Consumer Engagement

Experiential marketing creates a connection with consumers by drawing them into an in-depth experience with a product, brand, or company. As an experiential marketing agency, Attack! strives to always give our client’s customers and businesses the means to reach this deeper connection using shared connections through experiential marketing. Here is a look at how you can engage a broader audience on a deeper level with the best 60-second experiential consumer engagement.

Create Meaningful Engagement

The key to effective consumer engagement is to create an experience that keeps consumers active and constantly involved with your brand. Many of the traditional methods of marketing, such as static billboards and radio commercials, can be considered passive. The development of new technologies and multimedia methods makes it possible for you to create experiences that get consumers to engage and take action rather than staying passive.

For example, Refinery29’s 29Rooms campaign created interactive spaces that let consumers engage with their products. The company repeats this every year with different themes so that consumers can renew their engagement with the company. Since it is a lifestyle brand company, this type of engagement marketing works remarkably well. It creates lasting experiences that draw consumers deeper into the brand’s offerings.

Incorporate Branding in a Memorable Way

While engagement marketing is the vehicle to make connections with consumers, it is important to introduce branding in a meaningful way. Companies can sponsor an event without making their brand the central theme. Red Bull (along with other energy drink companies) has a long history of sponsoring memorable events.

Since the event property itself belongs to them, they have made themselves the sole sponsor of the Red Bull Flugtag, an event where participants tried to fly DIY flying machines off of a ramp for spectators. The venue itself was memorable, and it matched the general brand attitude that Red Bull had already established.

Include Brand Activation Strategies

For many consumers, brand activation is the best method of encouraging engagement. Brand activation is effective because it puts the consumer in contact with the products or services that you sell so that they can experience it for themselves. PepsiCo is great at this - they always provide samples in a branded environment. With Mountain Dew, they regularly send brand representatives into the community to distribute samples and act as ambassadors for the company’s culture.

When you only have 60 seconds to create a connection with your consumers, you have to make every second count. Draw them in with effective brand engagement from the start, then provide them with a memorable experience that makes your brand a part of their lives. When you give them the chance to be involved, consumers will surprise you with how much they want to connect.

If you are unsure about how your company can do this, hire a skilled experiential marketing agency. They can help you improve brand engagement with effective planning and a helping hand throughout the process.

Meta - In 60 seconds, you can create a lasting connection with consumers. Learn more about how to craft the best 60-second experiential consumer engagement.



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