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Connecting With Millennials by Employing Experiential Marketing

It’s no secret that millennials run the show when it comes to social media—but how do you engage and connect with them when it comes to your own experiential marketing? And, if you’re engaging in trade show marketing events, how do you create a strategy that will not only boost your engagement but also make your brand stand out to millennials?

In this blog, we’ll guide you through a few tips and tricks for connecting with millennials in a long-lasting way that will create new advocates for your brand.

Create authentic experiences.

What often gets lost in translation is that millennial marketing embraces and promotes a sense of genuine stories and experiences. Young consumers today value integrity when it comes to brands—they are much more likely to support organizations that actively speak about and promote admirable values.

When engaging with millennials in person during an experiential marketing event, focus on having conversations about what your organization is truly about—and not just promoting sales. Millennials are drawn to having moments that they will be able to remember and share with their peers.

Harness a team of brand ambassadors.

The best way to connect with millennials is to work closely with them directly. Otherwise known as brand influencers, millennials who are especially active on social networks such as Instagram attract thousands of followers eager to engage with the same brands that they do.

Working with influencers will help your brand achieve a millennial marketing strategy that’s not only effective but is also generated through outlets that are already familiar to your target audience. Make sure your brand ambassadors are trained the same way as any other staff—they should be well aware of your company’s offerings, branding, and values! The best brand ambassadors will be the ones that promote your brand for far longer than just the duration of the event.

Spearhead social media.

This is particularly important if you’re engaging with trade show marketing. In a sea of other organizations and experiences, how do you promote your company to a young audience? Millennials love social media, but simply creating a hashtag about your booth or brand won’t go a long way.

Instead, focus on coming up with strategies that will encourage millennials to share their experience online. Come up with unique incentives such as giveaways for posting about the moments you create in your experiential marketing.

Creating valuable and exciting experiences is your best bet when it comes to engaging with a millennial customer base. Focus on creating engaging moments that will stay in their memories for time to come!

Meta - Millennials are still a key demographic when it comes to engagement. See how to connect with them through experiential marketing.



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