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CES for the Wise: How to Make the Most Out of YourExhibit Space - No Matter the Size

If you’ve attended CES before, you know that it’s easy for a small booth to get lost in all the noise and bright lights. Without the help of a seasoned experiential marketing agency to guide you, it could be quite difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Fortunately, there are ways you can differentiate yourself regardless of the size of your booth. Using dynamic lighting and the right tradeshow activation, unique marketing tactics, effective promotions staffing, and a strong vision, you can impress at CES. Here are some tips from our experts on how to use your CES activation to grab the attention of attendees who wander by your 2020 CES booth:

Light It Up

Keep the energy flowing through your space by including plenty of light to make it appealing for attendees to walk through. A well-lit seating area inside your booth, with your brand and products highlighted, will appeal to introverted conference attendees who want to dodge the hustle and bustle for a few minutes. It will also give your staff the opportunity to connect with them.

Showcase Your Brand Identity Through Tradeshow Activation

Many booths will compete for attendees’ attention, so your CES Activation is critical to your success. It’s vital to make sure your brand name is distinct and will stick with visitors long after they walk away.

The old-school approach to this is to offer promotional freebies or giveaways, which serves to remind consumers of your name long after they have left your booth. While these tactics may seem old-fashioned, companies keep using them because they do work. Some affordable promotional items you can stock at your booth are:

• Charger cords or power banks

• Hand sanitizer

• Pens, pencils, and stylus pens for use with electronics

Appeal to Your Audience

You should target your tradeshow experience to prospects who are most likely to want your offerings. As with all your marketing outreach efforts, your tradeshow activation should address your ideal prospect’s pain points. Showcase how you can help them overcome their challenges. Try to highlight your most popular services or products on your printed marketing materials or the literature you plan to hand out. Really drive home how they can help your targets.

If you need help choosing the right experiential activation to get your booth ready for CES, contact Attack Marketing to find out more about how we can assist you. Our experienced team can help you make your booth stand out from the rest.



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