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REACH MORE Consumers through Geo-Targeted Sampling


Moments spent eating, with friends and relaxing are excellent opportunities to connect with consumers in your target markets.  Exclusive product sampling connects those moments with your brand!

+ Food Trucks are an exceptional sampling avenue, tapping into an adventurous 18-45 year old consumers. 


+ Restaurants provide product sampling and couponing direct to your target consumer in a surprise & delight fashion.  Targeting by food type & geography gives you a captive audience.    

+ Movies & Drive-Ins present opportunities to sample, coupon and on-screen/on-air mentions.  



Reaches a consumer, focused on health & wellness. 


+ 94% of fitness professionals recommend products to members.

+ 82% of fitness professionals say they are more likely to recommend a brand following one of our sampling campaigns.

Generate awareness and trial through fitness studios, gyms & day spas, nationally.


Brand messages and offers are delivered by fitness professionals through health clubs, personal trainers, spas, salons & specialty studios including yoga, barre, Pilates, spinning and CrossFit.

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Target Health & Wellness 

Endorsed by Trust Practitioners

Sampling & Couponing

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Reach into childcare centers, pediatrician offices, childbirth professionals and kids activity providers to connect with and build lasting bonds with Millennial & Young Families.

+ 84% of parents rated our programs as "excellent" or better.

+ 81% of participants are much more or somewhat more likely to recommend your brand. 

Samples and offers are delivered to parents through care professionals or via age specific classes and activities at traditional family fitness centers. Activities include organized play, gymnastics, karate, cardio activities, cheerleading, swimming and soccer.

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Target Young Families

Endorsed by Influencers

Sampling & Couponing





Regardless of the event, be it a tradeshow, a company event, a mobile tour – all of these require experienced management & staff at their center. The importance of flawless execution and support at their core. Pulling of a single or multi-day event requiring tens or hundreds of support people, moving parts and itineraries is a colossal effort.  Our experience makes the job easier!

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Specialized Brand Staff

Experiential Event Activation

Contingent Workforce

Trade Shows & Corporate Events


Effective product sampling programs increase trial and speed up the sales cycle between a brand and consumer.  74% of consumers that engage with a product in a live setting say they are more likely to buy the products being promoted.

We’re built from the ground up to produce return for our clients and have the powerful technology that allows us to track it in real time.

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Product Engagement

Product Sampling

Reporting & Analysis

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