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Consecutive years staff provided for the event

Talented staff supplied on a daily basis

Attack! Google

IO Conference


  • How does the world's largest search engine tackle their largest event of the year? 

  • Every year, nearly 100,000 from around the world come to California for 3 days of the Google IO Conference. Every year it has grown bigger, and bigger and bigger. The event requires hundreds of people to support the seamless experience and all the programming contained within.

  • So how do you staff up like that, with people that are 100% on the duration of the program?


  • For many years, Attack! has provided all the local event staff for this event. Working with the overall event producer, Attack! acts as consultant, determining staffing needs from the event blueprint and programming agenda building the schedules and needs from the ground up.

  • Months in advance of the event, Attack! and the event producer work together as the vision of the event unfolds. Every booth needs staff, every room, every elevator, every VIP needs guidance on knowing where to go, when and where and how to hit their mark. 

  • Attack! provides a variety of staff from registration and crowd control to event producers, emcees, VIP handlers, runners, human directional, coat check, and specialty staff.

The Success

Just Keeps Going

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