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To be successful, you cannot rely on just one type of field marketing, but you CAN rely on ONE PARTNER to do it all!  


1.  BE HOLISTIC -  It is too easy to think tactically.  Retail Demo.  Sampling Programs.  Events.  Digital.  Focusing only on the tactics will create disjointed activations and inconsistent results.  The best ROI comes from tactics combined with a keen focus on brand pillars, consumer profiles, key markets & retailers. 

+ Ever try Venue-Based Sampling?  Think boxed-samples & coupons aimed at your consumers at places like Drive-Ins, Drs, Spas, Gyms, Food carts & more.  

2.  KNOW YOUR TARGET -  A winning product, in the right place, at the right time naturally attracts interest.  Field marketing provides ample opportunity to connect with your consumer, geographically (events, street sampling, touring), demographically (venue-based sampling, events, retail demo), and by interest (events, venue-based sampling, mobile tours).  


3.  LOVE THE QR CODE -  Covid revitalized and mainstreamed the QR Code.  Use it to your advantage.  QR codes enable data collection, loyalty programs, contests or SMS campaigns.  Integrate them!  

4.  You can’t WIN with just one move -  In Sumo, there are actually 82 different moves used to win a Sumo match.  After more than 20 years of field marketing, we know it is essential to utilize many field marketing moves.  We cover them all for you:  Events.  Retail Demos.  Street Sampling.  Venue-Based Sampling.  Fulfillment.  Mobile Tours.  Fabrication.  

5.  MORE INTENSITY! -  hakkeyoi, meaning “Put some spirit into it!” is shouted by a sumo referee, when the action has stalled in a sumo match.  Your field teams are your brand, embodied.  Be involved in training your field teams.  Through rigorous onboarding, training and planning plus a national network of natural product brand specialists, Attack! ensures authentic, natural, impactful, spirited interactions with your target audience. 

BONUS - Field incentives result in better performance & focus.  Tell them your goals & reward them for hitting them!

6.  CLUSTERING & FREQUENCY -  The difference between 100 events in 100 places, or 10 events in each of 10 locations, or 50 events in each of 2 locations.  The difference is FOCUS!  Activating in the US you learn you cannot be in all places all the time.  Cluster activity geographically, and adding frequency creates buzz, and blankets the communities, neighborhoods, markets of interest.  This approach costs less, and creates loyalty, ownership and greater loyalty from your teams in market.  Better to go deep in a few markets, than shallow in many.


7.  SCHEDULE SMARTER -  Be flexible.  If you are doing demos, resist the urge to have all demos happen the same day.  Such a strategy requires unnecessary staffing & logistical burdens.  Demo or otherwise, agree on the days of week for activations, and ideal times of day, then let your agency or your staff schedule within that agreed upon range.  The best partners can take over all scheduling so you can focus elsewhere. 

8.  AIM for the BULLSEYE -  What is your bullseye?  For many, it is a key retailer.  It may also be a key event or event venue.  Know what your bullseye is, and make certain your activations, your partners and your field teams are directing consumers to that center - verbally, with collateral, qr codes, etc.  Knowledgeable, well-trained teams & partners will engage consumers and drive consumers to the center of the target.   Check out the Field Marketing Bullseye.

9.  SCALABLE & REPEATABLE -  Pool-sized kombucha cans may work when activating at Coachella, but they are not scalable or repeatable, and they will not work at Whole Foods, or on a NYC street.  Portability & scalability of high value brand assets is key.  For retail demo, the goal is what can fit in a FedEx box.  Design & choose components based on how you will visually show up and how easily you set-up & tear down.  By making sure the brand shows up in the smallest space (demos), you can scale the concept and assets for larger and larger activations.  Your agency should know how to navigate these waters.  Ideally, you give them designs, they handle everything else.  That is how Attack! operates.

10.  This one is super top secret...  we only share this one in a live setting.  Schedule a call with Christian, the CEO, and he'll tell you.  


Retail Demo & Venue-Based Sampling Programs


Driving trial @ retail shows retailers you are committed to your product's success.  74% of consumers say they are more likely to buy a product having sampled it.



+ National Network of Natural Products, CPG & Spirits Reps

+ Conventional, Natural & Independent Retailers







Target consumers through strategic networks

+ Sampling programs @ Restaurants/Food Trucks, Movie Theaters, Doctors Offices, Early Education, SPAs, College Campuses, Barber Shops

+ Product samples, coupons & Marketing Material included

+ Provides incredible reach at prices as low at $0.50/sample

Let your brand speak for itself!

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Go where your consumer is, engage with them in a fun and memorable way and they will tell others about the experience, and become a loyal customer!

Events offer that unique moment when consumers are away from work and other commitments and WANT TO EXPERIENCE something new!

Regardless of the product, we can plan, build, staff & manage your event marketing needs, throughout the US, year round.


+ Development of annual field marketing plans

+ Calendaring & Planning

+ Refining the consumer experience

+ Event-types, sponsorships & negotiations

+ Promotional product design

+ Warehousing, ordering and fulfillment

+ Promotional Vehicle Procurement & Management

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Annual Planning Experts 

Over 20 years of Experience

Geo & Affinity-based Targeting

Marketing a new product successfully means understanding where true demand generation lies.  We develop concepts and programs grounded in insight – all crafted to achieve the specific product launch goals of our clients.

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Mobile Tours are incredibly effective in introducing a brand to a new consumer, and even increasing brand loyalty with an existing user.

+ 65% of brands say that their event and experiential programs
are directly related to sales.


+ 70% of users become regular customers after an experiential
marketing event.

Attack! works with clients to define goals and KPIs for the tour.  Targeting focuses on key retailers and key consumer segments.  Then a vehicle is selected to create the right consumer experience.  Design to Build to Routing to Staffing & Measurement - Attack! handles it all.  


+ Promotional Vehicle Procurement & Management

+ Tour Routing

+ CDL Driver & local event staffing & management

+ Calendaring & Planning

+ Event-types, sponsorships & negotiations

+ Promotional product design

+ Travel planning

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Innovative Sampling 


100% Managed Experiences





Regardless of the event, be it a tradeshow, a company event, a mobile tour – all of these require experienced management & staff at their center. The importance of flawless execution and support at their core. Pulling of a single or multi-day event requiring tens or hundreds of support people, moving parts and itineraries is a colossal effort.  Our experience makes the job easier!

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Specialized Brand Staff

Experiential Event Activation

Contingent Workforce

Trade Shows & Corporate Events


Effective product sampling programs increase trial and speed up the sales cycle between a brand and consumer.  74% of consumers that engage with a product in a live setting say they are more likely to buy the products being promoted.

We’re built from the ground up to produce return for our clients and have the powerful technology that allows us to track it in real time.

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Product Engagement

Product Sampling

Reporting & Analysis

Top Contact

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