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ATTACK! activates all aspects of field marketing across the U.S. SEAMLESSLY & EFFORTLESSLY FOR YOU!

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WHAT IS field marketing?

The goal of field marketing is to bring brands closer to their customers, while creating meaningful interactions, and driving sales all while getting to experience face-to-face engagement. We are going directly to consumers in specific geographic areas, and creating lasting impressions.

Attack! creates, builds and manages any and all field marketing efforts throughout the US.  We handle everything from retail in-store demos, street team and guerrilla marketing, to mobile tours, trade shows, corporate events, and staffing.  Anywhere there is field marketing, we're there. While we celebrate our 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY this year, we are reminded of the amazing programs and brands we have worked with over these last 2 decades, that have given us the expertise to help YOU.

Each program is different, and can be tailored for big and small brands, both mature brands and emerging brands a like.  What makes each program unique and special is the front-end consultation and ideation process where goals, strategies and wow factors are aligned to build the very best consumer and brand experience.  We seek innovative brands eager to connect with new consumers.  Our experience is varied, but the attention to detail and joy created through any and all of our Attack! programs' is uniform.  We would love to build something for your brand next.

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Each program is different and unique.  We learn from you who that ideal consumer is, your key markets, and your goals for the program - physical, digital, measurement, throughput, etc.  

Let's take a look...

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In order to support their partnership with legendary Nascar driver Jimmy Johnson and his move to Indy Car racing, Attack! worked with Carvana to manage a mobile marketing tour, which included an Indy Car, a giant toy car vending machine  and other crowd favorite assets, plus live Indy Car trivia to stoke the interest of the crowds and generate leads for the brand.  The tour visit 14 Indy Cup races, and an additional 14 Carvana corporate locations, racking up more than 5000 miles in 9 months, and generating over 18,000 leads.


Southern Comfort EggNog

What says holidays like EggNog (and Southern Comfort).  Inspired by previous work we had done for Merrell Footwear, we concepted an oversized (14ft tall) EggNog container, capable of visiting holiday events, and serving the curious consumers.  Being 14ft tall, the container was impossible to miss, and the crowds lined up to try the two holiday flavors available.  Once there, the public could use our photo wall and props to capture moments and share!  24,000 samples later and what was created is a annual phenomena people are eager to see again!



Summer fun with the hottest prebiotic soda! Attack! delivered with impactful mobile vehicles, trikes and beach umbrellas and the Poppi Challenge, pitting Poppi against traditional SODA. Poppi was determined to elevate their field marketing to leave a lasting impression in the sun! Thanks to their amazing field marketing focused summer, they were able to achieve some amazing numbers - Over 89,000 cans sampled, and over 146,000 interactions that left a lasting impression on their customers!

Nestle Nesquik

With an aim toward rekindling childhood love for chocolate milk in the 25-35 year old male population, what began as a single city field marketing test, has grown into a 10+ city, multi-year campaign consistently outperforming other mediums through strong YOY sales growth.  Attack!, working with Nestle, deployed sampling teams, with branded vehicles, along with celebrity sightings and photo ops with the Nesquik Bunny to work magic and get their product into the hands of adult consumers.  Thousands of local sampling events.  Millions of cold, refreshing bottles of Nestle Nesquik delivered to eager consumers!  Attack! drove strategy, ideation & fabrication, fulfillment, scheduling, and staffing!

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The importance of flawless execution and support are at their core. Pulling off a single or multi-day event requiring tens or hundreds of support people, moving parts and itineraries is a colossal effort. Our experience makes the job easier!



Experience, Infrastructure, and Imagination. We know that an effective experiential marketing program needs to be immersive, sensory and unforgettable in all the right ways.


Effective product sampling programs increase trial and speed up the sales cycle between a brand and consumer.


We're built to produce returns real-time for our clients and have powerful technology that allows us to track it in real-time.


Don't take our word for it...

"Attack! has been a great partner to Humm. Their attention to our brand and the performance of each activation has helped make our programs more and more successful. Attack! has helped us find solutions to scaling our field activations. The team is collaborative, solution-focused, and performance-driven. I am very happy to have them as a field marketing partner."

Humm Kombucha

Tim Stanton

Field Marketing Manager

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